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Why BenchPoint?

Your hosting provider promise you 100Mbps bandwidth for a premium price, but how you verify if they are telling you the truth? Wait until your users complaint of slow user connection? SSH to your servers remotely and keep the record somewhere? Or let BenchPoint help you with regular monitoring and alert you when we detect something's not right ?

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How does it work?


Install our lightweight binary agent, and leave it scheduled in your systems at certain interval.

Web Console

Use Web Console to check your servers' health, status, and past speedtest results.

Scheduled Speedtest

Schedule your speedtest at a specific time of the day, or daily speedtest.

Adhoc Speedtest

Trigger speedtest from your server at any time and receive result within 10 minutes.


Receive notification when you're getting unexpected speedtest result.


View past reports. You can download and proceed with your complaints to your Service Provider when needed.


Speedtest Results


Ask us


Why BenchPoint is free?

Because we love free stuff. So do you, right?

Why root is required?

We require root permission to install the agent in /opt/bpa. Of course you can choose your home folder too.

How to uninstall agent?

To uninstall, simply remove the folder /opt/bpa and all of its content. You also need to delete the cronjob created.

Can we change the heartbeat interval?

Yes, you change the default heartbeat interval 5 mins to any value you like. But it will also increase the time for you to receive the speedtest results. At this point, we use the heartbeat to tell agent when to run speedtest.

Will the agent runs the whole time?

No. The agent only triggers when sending heartbeat. Default installation is 5 mins interval. You can change this in crontab.

Can I run the agent in Production Server?

Not for now. We're running in Beta mode. Once we get enough feedback, we'll announce when this will be ready for Production servers.